Dare Summer Music

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London-based songwriter, singer and piano-player, Dare Summer, has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. Hours spent as a child listening to her jazz-musician father improvise at the piano inspired her to write music that reflects her mood and situation. Summer finds melodies in the harmony and words in her experiences.

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  1. All Talked Out Dare Summer 0:43
  2. Little Free Dare Summer 1:11
  3. Dreaming Dare Summer 1:11
  4. My Way Dare Summer 0:56
  5. Your Wisdom Dare Summer 0:54
  6. Step Back Dare Summer 0:58
  7. Should I Stay or Should I Go Dare Summer 1:03
  8. No Better Dare Summer 1:10
  9. Girl on Paper Dare Summer 1:30
  10. Butterflies Dare Summer 1:18
  11. No Better (Acoustic) Dare Summer 1:15